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Kidos Cabbie believes in offering our clients best value for money and have compiled the following summaries of different options available, tailor made to suit our client’s individual needs.

Our service is a kids personal driver service and not a shuttle service, your child is driven alone in a car and not with other kids. This means that your child is where they should be on time e.g. school, extra mural classes and home.

We offer two types of placement options to meet your needs. Permanent and Temporary option.

Permanent Placements

This option is suitable for families who require a driver e.g. home from school every morning or afternoon and extra murals activities; we place you with a permanent driver. It is ideal for a period of 6 months or longer.

Temporary Placements

Should you require a driver in case of an emergency, unexpected long office hours or for less than a month because you are on a work trip etc. No commitment you just become a temporary parent on our data base.

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