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About Kidos Cabbie

Our Mission

To provide exclusive kids transport service to families who require a personal lady driver 

Our Guarantee

The best personal kids transport service to all our clients and even for those who are just enquiring about our transport service.

Applicants are put forward for driving for a family. Applicants attend a personal interview and all previous childcare and character references are confirmed.

Only mature, dedicated and responsible Applicants will be suggested to families. Your child’s safety is our number one concern. We understand that you only want the very best for your children and we want to provide you with exactly that, the best kids transport service.

**We also make sure that all our drivers obtain a valid PrDP licence in order to comply with the road traffic Act at no extra cost to families. This also helps us to make sure that drivers have no criminal records.

Our staff

Since Kidos Cabbie is managed by its founders. Families are guaranteed a quick turnaround response in every matter of concern to them. Try us send an enquiry and see how quickly we respond.